Little Boro Farm

Family run Lessons and Training farm, Specializing
 in Common sense horsemanship for all ages. 
Proud Horses4Heroes Facility, and Home to
 Onslow County's Special Olympics facility
 and Show Team.

Powerful Magic aka "Magic"
27 y/o Quarter Horse gelding
AQHA #3095453 1992

Magic is Shari's16.2 hand Impressive bred registered Quarter Horse gelding. He has shown some open shows with her and is sometimes used for advanced beginner walk trot lessons. This guy was a handful when he first arrived to Shari, and was very dominant and even aggresive in nature when asked to do something he did not want to do. He would charge at you and even run over you to get his way. It was even recommended at one point by their vet to euthanize him as it was feared he would continue to be a danger when pushed.

Shari and Eric put tons of training and his obvious good looks kept him around.  Eric did an amazing amount of work with him and he has become a gentleman and a huge part of the family.

Magic has been resting his years out at Shari and Eric's personal property, and is now coming out to the farm to share his personality and love with everyone along with play as the farm unicorn.